Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

A few random thoughts today.

*Mark officially asked Brilyn to the prom by filling her car with balloons.

Then he left a note on her window telling her she had to pop all the balloons to find a note inside with a special message.

The message said, "Prom?" Good thing he has two sisters who are his assistants and helped him blow up all the balloons and put them in her car so Brilyn wouldn't accidentally look out the window and see Mark's car in front of her house.

*I love our Sunday School class. We went to lunch today after church with several couples from our class. They are such a sweet group. They are really an encouragement to me!

*I am thankful for a church who cares about our students and who also cares about the hurting people in our city. Today our seniors went to the homeless shelter to serve lunch. After they served up Sonny's BBQ, they sat down at the tables to talk and visit with the people there. Mark truly enjoyed it. I want my kids to put what they say they believe into practice. I want them to be God's hands and feet in this world. I'm glad Mark got that opportunity today.

*My good friend, Candy, came over for about an hour today. She's been gone for over a week taking care of her mother who had a hip replacement. I missed her! It was nice just chatting and catching up. I'm thankful for sweet friends who feel like family!

*It's a VERY cold day here, but it's okay. I've got my comfy sweats on, my house is warm and cozy, and my laundry is pretty much done. We've got the NCAA tournament on and we are totally pulling for Davidson--the Cinderella team! And I've got dinner already cooked. Could it get any better??


  1. I always loved this time of year when I was in High School. Your son is so sweet and thoughtful. Please post pics from prom!!!!

  2. I was blog hopping and found your website. I was rooting for Davidson too!

  3. oh what a great way to ask a girl to prom!!!!!!!!!!! i love it.

  4. Cute prom idea! I love it!
    *This world needs more caring people like you! I wish we could all be more christlike in helping others and giving of ourselves your a great example!


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