Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easters Past

Driving around my neighborhood today, this is what I saw:

Everything is starting to bud and bloom. When I am out looking at all the beauty of spring, I love to put on my Chris Tomlin cd and listen to "Indescribable". If you have never heard that song, click on it on my playlist on the side bar and listen to the words. What a great worship song! It speaks all the things I am thinking.

Anyway, yesterday I was driving and noticed some kind of film on my windshield. I turned on my wipers to clear it off and there was the tell-tale line of yellow powder on the side of the windshield. The pollen is here! It gets really thick here in Charlotte, but that's what makes everthing so pretty, so I guess we'll suffer through it!

I was thinking about Easter today and all the fun activities that are going on this weekend like dying eggs and Easter egg hunts. I miss all those things we used to do when the kids were little. We still dye eggs, though!

I was one of those moms who went all out on Easter. I mean matching outfits, gloves, hats, the whole works! I found some of our pictures through the years that will give you an idea of what I mean. These pictures aren't the best because do you know how hard it is to get four little children to stand still and smile all at the same time?? Plus several of the pictures were made with cousins. Then there were six or seven little children in the picture! :)

It wasn't planned, but this must have been the year of the nautical theme. I bought all navy and white outfits for my kids and it just so happened their cousins all had the same thing!

We went with pink and white this year. Laura and Lindy had little white gloves with this outfit, but they had already taken them off by this time!

All the girls had the same dresses this year. Mark is easy--a pair of white shorts and whatever color polo matches the girls!

This is just a few examples of the years of Easter pictures we have! My kids don't all dress alike anymore. But they still look cute. I am looking forward to Sunday!

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