Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

I love daylight savings time during the summer. It's so great to be able to play tennis or take a walk after dinner or work in the yard or just hang out with neighbors and talk in the driveway. But this time of year it is so hard! I leave the house at 6:30 every morning, so I am not looking forward to driving to work with the moon still out! Getting up at 5:30 is already hard, much less when it is really an hour earlier. It takes me at least a week to adjust to that! I have a feeling I am going to have some cranky and sleepy children in my class this week!

We stayed up way too late last night watching the Duke vs. Carolina basketball game and waiting for all of our kids friends to leave before we locked up the house. We were so tired this morning that we actually skipped the service and just went to Sunday School. After church we met my parents at Salsa's for lunch. It was fun catching up with them.

I had a baby shower this afternoon for another one of the girls in my Bible Study. Three girls are pregnant now and they are all having boys! After that I got my grocery shopping done for the week.

I hope I can get to bed early tonight so I can get up in the morning! Hope you all have a good week, too!

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  1. the time change is soooooo hard. I am glad that your kids were not grumpy at school.


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