Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Weekend can one family generate so much laundry???? This is how I spent much of my morning yesterday!

And it's still not done! My heating element has apparently slowed down because my clothes are not getting dry. Poor thing, it's been worked to death! So now I am at a stand still until Steve can look at it. I have this plus more waiting for me!

I think it's time to call in some help from two teenage girls I know! :) They usually do help me, but yesterday they helped Steve rake and bag leaves in the yard to get ready for planting some new grass!

I did enjoy sitting on my porch and reading a book yesterday afternoon which was awesome! And Laura and Lindy helped me make the Banana Split Pizza. Mark and all his friends came over last night and pretty much ate the whole thing!

Last night we had so much fun. We have some friends who are big fans of 80's music and they had heard that a cover band called the The Breakfast Club was coming to Charlotte. They immediately got a group together to go and they invited us. So, even though, I'm not a huge fan of 80's music (my time was more in the 70's), we thought it would be fun. And we had the best time. Four couples went out to dinner downtown and then went to hear this band. Wow! That was such a trip back in time. I felt like I was in college again since all those songs were popular during my college years (I went to Baylor University and Steve went to NC State). I thought I might be deaf when I left and it's been a REAAALLY long time since I stayed out that late, but we had a blast!

Today it was church and then we grilled out for lunch because the weather has been sooo beautiful! Laura and Lindy started church softball practice this afternoon. They love it. I'm looking forward to sitting outside and enjoying their games!

This is Laura after practice:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


  1. I love 80's music!! We play it 24/7 around here. Maybe you will be onverted over by your buddies Ha!

    Girl, your laundry looks great! I hate doing it, but I love seeing clean, little folded piles.

    Have a great week!


  2. I completely understand about the laundry it is never ending! I think you blog is cute!


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