Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brotherly Love!

I was so surprised and honored today when I checked my e-mail and my brother, Blake, said he had posted something about me on his blog. Believe me, I am just a newcomer to all this, but he is an expert. If you ever want to be inspired or just given some food for thought, you need to visit his blog! Blake is the pastor of Weddington Community Church and he does an awesome job of shepherding that congregation!! Not only is he a great pastor, but he is a wonderful husband and dad to his four beautiful kids! And he is just fun to hang out with. We have had so many great memories over the years together. Here is a picture of us in Las Vegas last spring. Steve and I went with Blake and his wife, Angie and we had the best time! Check out his blog when you have some time! Love you, Blake!!

Fun times together! :)

Blake and Angie--we love ya'll!

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