Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year In Review

Even though I haven't blogged in FOREVER, I still wanted to do a year in review.  2016 was a really big year for us.... full of so many blessings.  We hosted two weddings and welcomed our fourth grand baby and so much more.  Looking back on every matter what it held for us, I can always see God's faithfulness through it all.  And this year was no exception.


We started off our 2016 by welcoming this sweet angel.  Henry James Scott was born on a beautiful, snowy day-January 17th.   He is our fourth grandchild and he has been a joy to us ever since.

During January, we all had Panther fever and the entire month was full of so much excitement and fun as we watched the Panthers make their way to the Super Bowl!  I had some of the cutest Panther fans in my class.  

I hosted lots of Panther football viewing parties at my house for my family....

Somehow, Lindy and Sean always managed to get tickets to the games!

Charlotte also saw a little bit of snow in January.  Steve and I are still not too old to go sledding together! :)


February was a busy month.  We started the month by traveling to Virginia for a quick weekend to celebrate Steve's niece's birthday.

The Panther Fever continued.  They made it to the Super Bowl and the energy in Charlotte was electric.

We had a Panther Day at school that was so much fun.  I love the people I work with!

Even the kids were excited!

On Super Bowl Sunday, I hosted a little party for my dad and Steve's mom at our house.  The Panthers lost, but we had fun anyway!

Mark was back in Jordan and we missed him a lot.  We were counting down the days until he could come home.

Valentine's Day came and went with all the chocolate and flowers and cards that make it so much fun.  It even snow flurried on Valentine's Day!

We spent a lot of time planning Lindy's wedding and hanging out with Lindy and Sean.

And David and Caroline had their birthdays.  David turned 5.

And Caroline turned 3.

Meanwhile, Henry was growing a little bit more each day and we tried to help Ashley as much as we could with the big kids.


March 12th was a huge day in our family because Lindy and Sean got married!

 March weddings can be tricky and we didn't know if it would be freezing or warm, but it couldn't have been a more beautiful day.  God seemed to just shine down on that day and we could not have been happier for Lindy and Sean!  You can read all about it here.

Easter was also in March this year.  We did all our usual things like dying eggs...

And having Easter lunch at Steve's mom's house...

And having our annual Easter egg hunt.

Mark made it back from Jordan the day before Lindy's wedding, so we celebrated his birthday on Easter weekend, too.  We got dinner at Paco's Tacos on Saturday night...

And Granny made him a cake so we could celebrate together on Easter Sunday.


In April, spring came to Charlotte and everything was so pretty!

We celebrated lots of birthdays during this month.

Will's birthday is on March 28th, but we celebrated in April.  He turned 2!

We also celebrated Sean's birthday on April 12th.

And for my birthday, Steve took me to Hilton Head for the weekend. It was so much fun!

When we got home, we had a little party on our porch.

Baseball season started, so we spent a lot of time at the ball field.

In April, Laura and Todd got engaged!  We were so excited for them.  It was time to start planning another wedding!


May was full of lots of busyness at school and wrapping up the year.   The birthday fun also continued.  My dad celebrated his 78th birthday.

And Ashley turned 29.  We celebrated by going to an Escape Room and then to Paco's Tacos.

Lindy and I took Ashley to Paco's Tacos on another day for her birthday, too!  Apparently we like that place.  Haha!

We celebrated Mother's Day by taking Steve's mom to lunch.

At school, we had Field Day, Awards Day, and our end-of-the-year parties.  Then school was over and Steve and I headed to Boston to meet Todd's parents.  We had a great time and got to go to a Red Sox game while we were there.

Mark got a job working at the DA's office for the summer...

The pool opened and summer officially began!


In June, I traveled to Boone to visit my oldest friend.  Her name is Betsy, too, and our dads pastored together in Nashville, Tennessee.  We have been friends since we were little bitty girls.  We are the kind of friends who just pick up right where we leave off.  I love getting to see her every year.

We took our annual trip to the beach and had a great time.

Other than that, we just went to the pool a lot and enjoyed the beautiful summertime!


In July, Steve and I went to Italy for 10 days and had the time of our lives. We wanted to go for our 30th anniversary the year before.  But with everything going on with my mom, we weren't able to.  So this year we made it happen and it was sooo much fun!  We visited Venice, Florence, Rome, and Positano.


In August, it was back to school.  I spent a lot of time working in my classroom and welcoming my new class.

My girls treated me to a girls' night with dinner out and a Dixie Chicks concert.  It was hot as can be, but we still had a great night.

Mark headed back to DC to start his last year of law school.  Hallelujah!

And Laura and Lindy turned 25.

It was a very busy month, but I found time to take Lindy out to dinner for her birthday.


September was just a regular month.  School was in full swing again.  Football season started.  And we spent a lot of time planning Laura's wedding and paying attention to the upcoming presidential election.

One weekend we walked in the PanCan walk for pancreatic cancer with Lindy in memory of Steve's dad.


In October, my sweet friends hosted a wedding shower for Laura.  She and Todd came home for the weekend.  It just so happened that hurricanes and flooding were going on all over the state.  The day of her shower it was pouring torrential rain, but we still had fun!

We even went out for a family bowling night while they were here!

At the end of the month, we went to Boone and Blowing Rock.  We have been almost every year since our kids were really little and we have so many wonderful memories there.

October seemed to fly by and then it was Halloween.  Lindy came over and we carved a pumpkin together.

 And we had our annual block party at our neighbor's house on Halloween night.


Before we knew it, November had rolled around.  Another wedding month!!

On November 8th, Steve and I voted in the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was the first time I have ever voted that I really didn't want to.  Uuugghh.  What an awful campaign.  I hated the whole thing.  But I am so thankful for the privilege we have to vote, so I tried to do it with a good attitude.

On November 19th, Laura and Todd got married.  It was a very beautiful and very WINDY fall day.  We were so happy for them and thankful that God brought them together.  They have the BEST love story that you can read about here.  I can't believe we pulled off two weddings in 2016, but we did it!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving at our house the week after the wedding.  I love our big, noisy family all together under one roof celebrating all the good things God has blessed us with.  It's always a fun day.

After Thanksgiving, we took Granny out to celebrate her birthday...

And we had our annual "Decorate The Tree Day" at my dad's house.


We finally made it to the end of the year.  December was a flurry of fun and festivities.

Laura and Todd gave us tickets to the Biltmore House, so we had a fun weekend in Asheville using those!

We got together with lots of friends and family for dinners and parties...

We went with Ashley to take the kids to the Billy Graham Library for their live nativity scene.  We got hot cider, strolled around, and went on a carriage ride.

We saw lots of our favorite Christmas movies and had fun looking at the lights.

Then on Christmas Eve, we went to our church's Christmas Eve service, and then headed back to our house for soups and appetizers.

On Christmas Day, the fun continued at our house with lots of family and food and opening presents.  It was Laura's first Christmas away.  She went to Texas to be with Todd's family.  We missed her, but we were excited for them to spend their first married Christmas together!

That night we headed over to Steve's mom's house and did the Maddox family Christmas with his side.  It was a wonderful Christmas!
 This last week of 2016 has been so nice.  Laura and Todd are here and we have all been playing games and going bowling and just hanging out and having fun.

2016 was a happy year for our family.  I am so thankful to the Lord for all the ways he has blessed us.  I don't know what 2017 will hold, but I am hoping for maybe a little more peace and quiet and no major events.  We have had our share of those for the past few years!  So....goodbye 2016!!  You were a year I will never forget!